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Smart Automatic Pet Hair Drying Box

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1.Suit for Medium and large cat or multiple cats in small size or small size dogie
  • 2.Easy to install and use
  • 3.Variable speed turbine motor,fast drying in 20 mins
  • 4.Security protection,real-time detection.
  • 5.Ozone sterilization to remove odor

Product Details

Pet cleaning is a problem that the owner is very concerned about. Every time I go to a pet grooming shop, 

in addition to the high cost, it also takes a lot of time. If there are a few puppies or cats in the house, it will 

be even more headache.

Furjoyz has always been committed to making our pets and their owners more comfortable and happier, so

we independently developed a practical and affordable pet dryer. There are different sizes and models to

choose from. From then on, you can free your hands. Feel at ease to accompany the cat to play!

Furjoyz Pet Products Co., Ltd

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