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Circle smart WIFI automatic feeder

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 6 Meal Pet Feeder ,nutrition plan can be personalized for your loved furry family! Multiple delicious recipes made easy!
  • Mixing Wet and Dry Food: freshness every spin
  • Portion and Nutrition on Time
  • Stunning TFT display: everything at a glance!
  • Paw Protection Design: Keep Your Ket Fed and Happy

Product Details

Our patent design 6 Meals Smart Pet Feeder which can be personalized your nutrition plan for your 

loved furry family,from now on,the multiple delicious recipes for your lovely friends made so easy!

Main features:

*Mixing Wet and Dry Food: freshness every spin.

Feeding dry food every day is monotonous, and our furry friend will be getting tired of it. The rotary

 multi-meal feeder, mixing dry and wet, delivers our loved one every single meal fresh.

*Portion and Nutrition on Time

Up to 5 feeding plan per day can be set up on the feeder or by the Petoneer app: three days' feeding 

amount of 6 meals is all set. Pets will be fed automatically on the set time. An instant sound will be

played when a slot is rotated.

*Paw Protection Design: Keep Your Ket Fed and Happy

When the tray rotates, it can effectively detect the pet's claws entering and stop the rotation at once 

to prevent the pet from getting stuck and injured.

*Separable Design Made Cleaning Easy

The locking lid keeps the food fresh and clean. The tray is made of durable ABS , which is separable and 

easy to wash. Pet caring should be easy!

*Dual Power Supply

Never Miss a MealThis feeder is dual powered by USB power and LR14 batteries. Install the LR14 batteries

as backup power to ensure the feeder still function during a power outage. Every single meal will be 

delivered on time to save your stress!

Furjoyz Pet Products Co., Ltd

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