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Cat toy funny cat stick 150cm long three-section telescopic rod funny cat interactive fun pet toy cat supplies

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  • Size:1500mm(extended)
  • Weight:28g
  • Accessories:feather,fiber glass pole,ring bell
  • Color:Orange
  • EVA Handle:soft touching.

Product Details

Cats love toys.

If you were to close your eyes and think back on your happiest memories with your cat, chances are that the images that come to mind are your cat(s) playing. Hunting, jumping, overpowering, and hitting toys around gives cats and their people lots of joy.

Cats love a variety of toys. They like an assortment of interactive cat toys that use all of their hunting skills,like: Balls and chasers,Chew toys,Chew toys,Plush and mice toys,Teasers and wands,etc.                                                             

Cats prefer toys that are light and small enough to be knocked without a lot of effort. They also like toys that are small enough to be grasped. And their favorite toys are objects they can engage with in multiple different ways. 

Furjoyz Pet Products Co., Ltd

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