Furjoyz Pet Products Co., Ltd

About Us

Founded in 2005, Furjoyz brings together a team of young pet lovers. There are a lot of pet products on the market, but few are designed for pets' health. In the short life of furry friends,we put their health first and deliver more healthy products. This is why Furjoyz was founded and why we are here.

Backed by years rich in engineering experience and in-depth knowledge of the home automation, Petjoyz is here to improve your pets’lives through the development of groundbreaking smart gadgets. Innovation is improving our lives and is also the key to improve our beloved furry family's life.

For pets' health and well-being, Furjoyz has been developing and delivering products such as smart fountains, smart feeders, treat dispenser, smart cat toilet,pet toys, walking products(collars,leads,harness)and much more. Spoil your furry friends with our high-tech and App-enabled pet gadgets!

Our vision is to make global pets and their parents live happier and healthier.

So,if you have interest in our innovative pet accessories,please feel free to contact

with us via Whatsapp:+86-13713117532.